What is Acid damage and how to treat it?

Acid damage, or dental erosion, is damage to the teeth as a result of prolonged acid influence. Acid damage can come from sour foods and drinks, such as citrus fruits, juice, and soda, or regular vomiting and acid reflux.

Acid damage to the teeth is permanent. Therefore, it is important to detect these injuries early, so that one can create good and preventive routines and measures to prevent further damage to the teeth.

Common signs of acid damage can be:

  • Tooth sensitivity

  • Thin tooth enamel

  • Cracking of tooth enamel

  • Yellow spots on the teeth

  • Matte tooth surface

Find the cause of the acid damage

If you have acid damage to your teeth, the most important thing is to find out why this has occurred so that you can prevent further development of the acid damage. If it takes too long before the erosion damage is detected, that the cause is unknown or difficult to remove, serious acid damage can be obtained and the enamel of the teeth may be lost. In such cases, comprehensive treatment is required.

Treatment of acid damage

Minor acid damage and erosion of the enamel are normal in the elderly. It is when the acid damage has come above a certain level that it must be treated.

It is the dentist who must make the decision about whether there is a need for treatment or not. The most common way to treat acid injuries of the teeth is to perform a build-up of tooth enamel using composite, or plastic. In some cases, crowns are also made on the teeth.

In severe cases, where the acid damage goes beyond the function of the teeth, extensive bite lifting of the entire dentition may be required.

Prevention of acid damage

The very best thing you can do to avoid acid damage to your teeth is to prevent the damage from occurring. You can protect your teeth from acid damage by:

  • Drink less of acid-containing drinks such as sodas and juices

  • Reducing sugar intake

  • Avoid snacking between meals

  • Wait an hour of brushing your teeth after you have ingested foods and drinks with high acid content

  • Discontinue the meal with basic foods such as milk

  • Use a soft toothbrush and make sure you don’t brush too hard

  • Rinse your mouth regularly with fluoride

If you experience frequent acid reflux or have a disorder that causes regular vomiting, we recommend that you consult your family doctor.

It helps to regularly visit the dentist. Our clever dentists and caregivers can check your teeth, helping you prevent and Treat Acid damage. TannlegeTeam is Dentist in Oslo and has clinics in Majorstuen, Linderud and Ensjø.

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