Knowing the After-Care Details of Your Braces Is Very Essential

Many people are embarrassed about their crowded/crooked teeth. The obvious solution to this orthodontic problem is to get braces. There is a rise in the number of people who need their teeth straightened. Invisalign has replaced metal braces. They are plastic aligners fitted for your mouth. They are currently more preferred among teens and adults as they are invisible.

Even those who haven’t considered metal braces are willing to give these aligners a shot. These invisible braces gradually set your teeth in place. Each of its trays is manufactured in a way slightly straighter than the previous one. With each tray, your teeth move about 0.25mm. You would be required a new try once in two weeks. You just have to pop the retainer in and then you are all set.

Caring for Invisalign retainers:

Keep it clean: If you fail to clean your retainer regularly, there are chances of bacteria build up. This would cause harm to your teeth and defeat the purpose of the brace. Abrasive toothpaste can damage it. One of the two cleaning options can be followed.

  • Scrub it with soap and water
  • Use tablets that are meant for cleaning retainers. Dissolve the tablet in water and soak the retainer for minutes in it.

While Eating and Drinking: To prevent food getting stuck, it is essential to remove these braces before consuming food/ drinks (except water). After having food, the person has to brush their teeth and fix the brace after rinsing it. These braces get stained easily.  Hot beverages especially should never be consumed when you have braces. The temperature of the drink is bound to melt the braces and as a result, it wouldn’t fit you anymore.

Stay away from harmful actions: A smoker ought to quit smoking after fixing these braces. If you don’t think you can quit smoking, these braces aren’t a great option. The smoke emitted would turn the braces into yellow colour. Chewing gum would likely cause your gum to get stuck against the retainer. Hard sweets snap its wire.

Storing: It is advisable to keep it in case you are not wearing it. Even when you remove it before food, avoid putting it on a napkin. This would prevent it from getting dirty and lost. Many a times, people have accidently thrown away their retainers.

Care should be taken whilst you travel. Keep an extra case in hand and carry your previous retainer too.

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