Eliminate Waiting Period and Get Functional Dental Implants Immediately

One visit to the dentist and get immediate functional dental implants with titanium screw is impossible to imagine. The protocol is popular now for patients and professionals who are keen in eliminating or reducing the waiting period. This is possible now as fixed teeth implant supported is available; you may visit Centre implant dentaire rive-sud and ask for details.

It is possible now to have esthetic and functional teeth in one session as treatment. No more you have to go embarrassed with missing teeth. If you wish to have a beautiful smile, you can do so with dental traditional implants, without the need of waiting for a few months. The state- of-the-art teeth eliminate the process of waiting for four to six months time for implant integration for new teeth to be placed.

Nowadays, you can get your hopeless teeth removed with ease and get the dental implants placed. The dentists fix a temporary bridge within 12 hours. Typically the provisional bridge can be replaced by the restorative dentist in 3-4 months.

This solution is of immense value to teeth replacement. The initial stability is attained and in combination, the multiple implants are joined together with acrylic prosthesis, controlling the load, and with acts to stabilize implants as the healing period.

Losing natural teeth is surely traumatic and it also spoils your confidence as you smile. This is where these dental implants help you as they allow you to eat and speak normally without the need for worrying about the teeth. Your dentist can inform you about the implants if they are the right choice for you.

The fact cannot be denied that not every patient can get the teeth set in one visit. Thus, patients must be ready to accept the precautionary measures and also understand the treatment limitation of scientifically placing teeth. It is recommended strongly that the patients should adhere to soft diets during the healing period for three months so that the functional forces are limited. This may not be easy to enforce, but there is a need for patient’s compliance to attain success in placing implants.

Stop worrying and leave now with a new smile as ever before. You will love to see the transformation taking place in your smile and this will boost your confidence. At Rive-Sud, you can find experienced dentists to show you how to have a beautiful smile in just a few hours.

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