Digital Health: Technologies to Improve Healthcare

The term Digital Health (or Digital Healthcare) is now common. It is used to refer to different technologies that are shaping healthcare. These terminologies have begun to “take shape” with the various digital transformations that have taken place (and are taking place) in many sectors and that are also affecting, albeit surprisingly late, the world linked to Health.

The Ligolab Laboratory Information System is one example of technology applied in various health facilities. You should look for the right LIS Software Vendors if you plan to implement this technology in your facility. In this article, we will have an in-depth look at digital health.

What is Digital Health?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) definition, Digital Health refers to that area of ​​the market and industry of Health that uses digital technologies of ICT for the benefit of human health.

Examples and Applications of Digital Health

In addition to Telemedicine and remote access to health services (digital health services), Digital Health is also characterized by other application areas of development, for example, the area of diagnostics.

Today, access to advanced data analysis systems, also based on artificial intelligence techniques (machine learning and computer vision, just to name a couple), also through the cloud, allow researchers and doctors to accelerate and improve the skills of diagnosis, with better results – consequently – both in terms of prevention and from the point of view of treatment (more timely and more accurate).

From the point of view of prevention, as well as from the perspective of monitoring patient care and responses, the so-called Mobile Digital Health (also called mHealth) includes mobile applications and IoT devices (for example, wearable devices such as bracelets, smartwatches, patches, and “smart” fabrics, etc.) to facilitate remote diagnosis and treatment. IoT applications and systems make it easier to collect valuable data for health monitoring, both, as mentioned, in a preventive key and where it is necessary to control and manage a path of treatment, rehabilitation, or assistance.

Nanotechnologies like Taopatch are also an essential part of Digital Health. You can read this Does Taopatch Really Work Review to understand more about the product. Several journals have also dispelled rumors of Taopatch Scam, so you should not worry about using the product.

Personalized Medicine

The increase in available data and advanced analysis systems opens the doors to personalized medicine both as regards research (for example, on molecules, reactions and their behavior, and the development of new drugs) and as regards the treatments, “adaptable” to the individual patient.

Finally, digital technologies also represent a vital change lever from the organizational and management point of view of companies and medical-health structures. Data analysis, once again, is the key to improving the financial performance of companies, to reduce costs but also, and above all, to improve operational efficiency, from back-office activities (including strategic, such as planning) to those linked to a direct relationship with citizens and patients (also through customer care services based on chatbots and virtual assistants).

Health and Wellness Mobile App

Through their mobile devices, patients can independently measure their health data using an interface connected to the connected medical devices or manually. The management of automatic notifications (push, SMS, e-mail) allows patients to receive immediate alerts on the deterioration of their health and, consequently, activate communication channels with health professionals and doctors (chat, video consultation).

The healthcare sector has perhaps been one of the slowest to “react” to the digital transformation enabled and supported by new ICT technologies, but the technological maturity of some advanced solutions and their availability (simplified through adoption models based on the cloud computing paradigm), represent the acceleration levers of a path that, although slow, has now begun and traced.

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