Difficulties and Countermeasures Liver Cancer Treatment

Human liver cancer is easily the most common probably the most difficult management of the condition. Using the scientific and technological progress, liver cancer diagnostic technologies have been improving, sub-clinical stage liver cancer could be diagnosed. Early recognition and removal as quickly as possible, but additionally towards the early and mid-term liver cancer patients has introduced vitality. But individuals recurrence, and on the other hand having a relapse and recurrence and also to avoid the change in such issues individuals who are able to not accept surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment or intervention in patients with advanced liver cancer and also the postoperative physiotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy following the toxicity of Treating such issues Western medicine, it’s helpless. In those days Traditional chinese medicine treatment or mixture of traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment has advantages. These difficulties are actually around the solution in short introduction.

Difficult one: pre-cancerous lesions from the treatment and prevention

1. Prevention

(1) to steer individuals to enhance their living conditions, for example water sanitation, food hygiene, living conditions.

(2) management of active viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, and so forth. With particular focus on hepatitis B and hepatitis C treatment.

2. Treatment

Positively seeking Traditional chinese medicine treatment and charge of pre-cancerous lesions progress.

(1) Bushen Yanggan, enhanced macrophage phagocytosis. Common side were: 2 to balls, fried, and thus consistent. Hepatitis is under appropriate for kidney and liver, Yangan xerostomia, insomnia weak, soft Dengzheng knee discomfort, lengthy-term use.

(2) Jianpi Yiqi, adding nourishment to and promoting NK cell activity, generally accustomed to: Yang-ginseng soup ( “Punishment and also the Council”), Shiquandabu soup. Appropriate for liver disease of individuals falling in to the frail, lengthy-term use.

(3) heat Xiehuo antidote to boost cellular immune function, a typical side: Huanglianjiedu Decoction, Results of Decoction, for example: appropriate for viral hepatitis, are hot Kouzao, Diarrhea, yellowed Dengzheng, ought to be retrieved For that addition and subtraction.

(4) Yiqi invigorate the spleen and kidney and liver replenishing, Huayu, for example promoting bloodstream circulation could be anti-oxidation. Common side: four gentlemen’s soup, Wuzi Yanzong pills, really solid pill (Polygonum multiflorum, Cistanche, Raspberry, Achyranthes, off-, Chinese wolfberry boy), Buyanghuanwu soup. Through anti-oxidation and hinder liver cell mutation.

The 2nd difficulty: the recurrence treatment and prevention

It’s been reported after radical resection of liver cancer, 1,3 and 5-year recurrence rate was 17.1%, 32.5% and 61.5%. No recurrence from the 5-year rate of survival is a lot greater compared to recurrence, correspondingly 48.9 % and 11. percent. 24 months following the peak period for relapse. This implies that recurrent problem of the serious effect on lengthy-term aftereffect of liver cancer, treatment and prevention of postoperative recurrence is just about the focus of current research.

(1) regular follow-up review: 1-24 months after Feb inspection once every 2 yrs or even more could be 3-4 several weeks, more often than once every six several weeks. Review include: AFP, B-ultrasound, CT scan, X-ray and liver function, and so forth.

(2) preventing recurrence: preventing recurrence ought to be mainly in Traditional chinese medicine, generally used ways of prevention and medicines:

Jianpi Yiqi, anti-cancer capability to enhance the body, a typical side: Liujunzi soup, Buzhongyiqi soup could be modified using the permit application changes.

a Jianpi Shugan Qi, preventing recurrence of liver cancer. The election Xiaoyaosan addition and subtraction.

(3) recurrence of treatment: For liver cancer recurrence, ought to be early recognition, early removal. Avoid the option of Western medicine, Traditional chinese medicine with Western medicine or intervention in treating reperfusion embolism, tumor may also consider narrowing after surgery for that treatment. Choice of reperfusion embolism can’t intervene in the option of treatment in Traditional chinese medicine Differential Treatment.

Difficulties three: the change in liver cancer

Change in cancer studies have been little progress in recent decades as medical biology and immunology of progress, the change in cancer research great progress has been created, to begin with, invasive cancer is really a prerequisite for that transfer, the transfer process and infiltration ” Gene transfer “and” metastasis suppressor gene “, which could boost the change in tumor cells to induce tumor angiogenesis. Recently the limitations of Traditional chinese medicine to avoid cancer metastasis to numerous studies, popular may be the limit tumor angiogenesis, enhance immune function, like the study of Traditional chinese medicine ‘is generally utilized in Traditional chinese medicine: ginseng, astragalus, Cordyceps sinensis, dangshen, thorn 5 Canadian, Chinese wolfberry boy, Epimedium, kiwifruit, Polygonum multiflorum, fungus, white-colored methods, Zhu Ling, mushrooms, Fuling, Ligustrum lucidum, cornus officinalis, Shengde Huang, psoralen, Bupleurum Powder, and so forth.

Difficulties four: cancer discomfort Traditional chinese medicine treatment

Discomfort is typical signs and symptoms of advanced liver cancer. Discomfort characteristics and also the nature from the tumor site, size, rate of growth and amount of differentiation vary, and frequently take discomfort treatment. Should stick to the “three steps” and “promptly, individual and dental administration,” the discomfort principle. Underneath the guidance of the principle may also meet Traditional chinese medicine and western medicine treatment with discomfort brought on by negative effects. Traditional chinese medicine generally used discomfort treatment are: internal medicine, exterior analgesics Chinese Dental Health-Runchang catharsis can effectively achieve therapeutic purposes.

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