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What does a dentist do? 

The role of a dentist is as follow: 

  • Diagnose and treat teeth and tissue-related problems
  • Advises maintaining good oral health
  • Administers the future problems
  • Gives diet, flossing, fluoride usage, brushing, and other instructions
  • Conduction and interpretation of dental x-rays
  • Extraction and repair of damaged or cracked teeth
  • Promotes oral health and oral hygiene

How often should I consult a dentist?

Most people do not take oral health seriously, but oral health is as important as the general health of an individual. Keeping this in mind, a full oral checkup should be done every year to make sure that good oral health is maintained.

In case if individual experiences any dental problem in between, they should seek an immediate oral checkup. If you’re in Sherbrooke, then you should pay a visit to dentisterie esthétique Sherbrooke for an affordable checkup and treatment.

What is a dental filling? 

A dental filling is a procedure by which dentists fill out the cavity-affected area of the teeth. Various methods clean the infected tooth, and after cleansing the cavity, the gap is filled with a synthetic material.

Many people think of it as a painful procedure, but it is not. No pain is felt during or after the cleansing, a little discomfort might be felt after filling, but it will soon get resolved. So if you have a cavity on any of your teeth, you must immediately seek medical attention and try to solve the issue at its root phase. Click here to get a quote for dental filling at dentisterie esthétique Sherbrooke. 

Dental cleaning 

People often get stuck with stains and food on their teeth. Isn’t this the most annoying situation ever? But with a dental cleaning, you can now get free from such embarrassments. Dental cleaning is a procedure of removing and getting rid of stains and food stuck in the teeth. Delta cleaning is also known as scaling and is a completely safe and efficient procedure.

What is an oral examination? 

The oral examination is conducted to address the potential and current dental issues. By knowing the current oral health situation, required actions can be taken to prevent it from further future damage. These issues are:

  • Decay detection
  • Gum check
  • Bite evaluation
  • Teeth development check(for child)

Click here to book your appointment for oral examination at dentisterie esthétique Sherbrooke.

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